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Soll man nach Myanmar gehen oder nicht?

Geschrieben von Tom
Wednesday, 31. January 2007

Myanmar.. soll man in dieses von Menschenrechtsverletzungen und Repression gepraegte Land reisen oder es sanktionieren wie von internationalen Organisationen empfohlen?


Auch wir haben uns diese Ueberlegungen gemacht und sind zum Schluss gekommen, dass sanfter und bewusster Tourismus fuer die Leute gut ist. Vielleicht muss sich mit der Zeit auch die Regierung der groesseren Publizitaet die dadurch entsteht bewusst werden und so einiges Aendern... es bleibt zu hoffen...


Anbei eine von Lonely Planet publizierte should you go or not Hilfe....


The decision to travel to Myanmar should not be made lightly.

The decision as to whether or not to travel to Myanmar is best made after an appraisal of the pros and cons of such a visit. 


Reasons Not to Go:

Aung San Suu Kyi has asked tourists not to; the government used forced labour to ready tourist-related sights and services; international tourism can be seen as a stamp of approval to the Myanmar government; the government forbids travel to many areas, particularly in areas inhabited by minority groups; it's impossible to visit without some money going to the military junta (roughly 20.00 per visa, 10.00 per departure fee and seven to 10% tax on purchases); and activists claim that tourism dollars fuel government repression directly.


Reasons to Go:

Tourism remains one of the few industries to which ordinary locals have access - in terms of income and communication; vast majority of locals want you there; human-rights abuses are less likely to occur in areas where the international community is present; the government stopped forcing foreigners to change 200.00 into government notes upon arrival; the majority (possibly over 80%) of a careful independent traveller's expenses goes into the private sector; and keeping the people isolated from international witnesses to internal oppression may only cement the government's ability to rule.


If You Decide to Go

In order to maximise the positive effects of a visit among the general populace, while minimising support of the government, follow these simple tactics: stay at private, locally owned hotels and guesthouses; avoid package tours connected with Myanmar Travel and Tours; avoid MTT-sponsored modes of transport, such as most Yangon-Mandalay Express trains, the MTT ferry between Mandalay and Bagan, and Myanma Airways (MA) flights; buy handicrafts directly from the artisans, rather than from government shops; avoid patronising companies involved with the military-owned Myanmar Economic Holdings (companies with solid links to the Tatmadaw or armed forces are often called Myawadi or Myawaddy); write to the Myanmar government and to the Myanmar embassy in your country expressing your views about the human-rights situation there.